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February 22, 2024, 12:19:28 am
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Good homes needed, but where to post?

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Author Topic: Good homes needed, but where to post?  (Read 1981 times)
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« Reply #15 on: February 10, 2016, 07:11:45 am »

Time for a less cheerful update.

Cannot do anything about the downstairs neighbor laundry problem.  She has demonstrated VERY clearly that she will change nothing AND is now blaming me because she "never gets to see her family any more".  Did I ever mention that unlike me, she can drive?  Two different management teams have tried to get her to tell them why all her family time HAS to be in a 650-ish square foot apartment instead of wherever the sacred kidlet lives.  She responds by refusing to speak AT ALL.

Another neighbor has offered to sell anything short of his truck and Harley to fund moving the downstairs neighbor to a different unit.  She will not consider the idea.  Management has asked her at least twice since Christmas to stop poisoning me.  She did laundry this past Sunday (while the non-tenant problem child ran laps and slammed doors for three and a half solid hours) and somehow I was not surprised that she'd put in a new dryer treatment whatever so strong I had to wrap a scarf around my face twice and am now having eye problems due to allergen exposure.

The modification to the dryer venting cannot be done.  The contractor insists there is no way to use external piping--he would have to take her dryer exhaust down through the floor, run it under the widest part of her unit (kitchen, dining, master bedroom) and bring it back up at the east wall of the building.  He doesn't want the job, and the property owners don't want him to do the job, because the fire risk might render the entire building uninsurable.

There is nowhere safe to move to.  The menfolk who want so much just to help me out with ANYTHING have to stay here until autumn because neither can afford the lease-breaking penalties.  I can be made exempt from such penalties because we already have a letter from my MD stating that if my exposure to stress and allergens cannot be reduced I must leave the property.  Permanently.  Everywhere that's even renting has either a centrally located laundry room, meaning no unit is far enough away for someone with an artificial-scent allergy grown to lethal proportions, or it has no access to laundry facilities (including its own w/d hookups).  None of it is in budget for me, and the menfolk do not have medical exemption eligibility.

I lost my best friend in July and she has yet to notice.  I can think of 3 mental health care experts off the top of my head who would be willing to write to her explaining that her evaluation of my personality is WRONG, but it wouldn't make a difference.  I'm still working on getting through to her that I may never be able to visit her home again--I may never even be able to travel again if there's not an ER close enough to save me if my trachea slams shut.  Eastern Washington starts looking really scary between Spokane and Ritzville, Ritzville and Tri-Cities (Kennewick, Richland, Pasco), and between Tri-Cities and roughly Hood River, OR.  Considering that the allergic reaction I'm so scared about can also be triggered by stress and vehicular traffic is a known massive panic trigger for me, even the 50-60 miles from The Dalles, OR to Troutdale becomes terrifying.

I went through all the stress of applying for a medical marijuana user card, which will be going through the shredder before it's ever put to its intended use.  The property owners (who live in another time zone) have decreed that possession of medical marijuana on their property, even with a valid user card, is grounds for immediate eviction.  The provider to whom I was assigned will not sell to me if I cannot keep my medication in my own possession; if he sells to me and I do not have possession of the meds in my own home, the provider goes to jail.

I still have to wait 2 more weeks to even sign the consent waivers for the next medical exam, for which they must knock me out when it's finally time to do the dang thing.  Then I wait until the actual exam can be scheduled with the OR, and then wait for the report, and THEN find out about major surgery which will almost certainly have a minimum 8-week recovery time.  No rockhounding field trips for me this season unless they can get the exam and possible surgery done way faster than it's been going.

PM me with addresses and I'll start shipping as soon as I can.  If anyone has friends between Spokane and roughly Phillipsburg, MT, I will be quite happy to meet up with them in person to let them hand-pick rocks.  If they feel like driving all the way to where I actually live (about an hour from Missoula), they get their choice of everything I bring out as available.  If I need to catch a ride to Missoula or any of the towns near it on I-90, I'll bring everything my back will let me throw in the truck.  As far as timing goes, sooner would be better.  If you have friends wanting rocks and close enough to do the driving, once you have my email addy you have my permission to hand it off to them--just ask them to put 'Rocks needing homes' in the subject line so I don't junk their email.
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