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November 30, 2023, 10:53:25 pm
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Good homes needed, but where to post?

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Author Topic: Good homes needed, but where to post?  (Read 1804 times)
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« on: December 21, 2015, 12:59:17 pm »

Dave, that is an AWESOME reminder!  Heck, you don't even have to pay for flat-rate priority boxes until you ship them!  I'll pick some up just as soon as I can zip by our post office.  Some of my rocks are really big (I have a jasper-flint-wtf from Biggs Junction that's bigger than my head) but many of them could be packed into assorted sizes of priority box.

Hummingbirdstones, I've got pics of many and will find the best specimens to put up in both locations.  I have a gorgeous hunk of rhyolite with landscape jasper patterning in it, also Biggs Junction, that should be suitable for a solo offer to start with, and it's already photo'd both wet and dry.

Updates on the home front:  my counselor is horrified at the thought that we might not be regarded as priceless around here for our consistency and will be seeing me weekly until this mess sorts out.  She says if she thinks of or finds out about anything I'm not already doing or setting up she'll write it down to make sure she doesn't forget.  I was able to give my psychiatric-med prescriber a heads-up before our appointment this week, too.

My MD actually wrote a prescription stating that if my exposure to stress and known allergens is not reduced I will have to leave this set of 4 apartment complexes completely for my own safety, which I'll be presenting to my landlady in about half an hour along with photos of my face from this weekend.  (It was super GRODY, I assure you!)  I also get to tell her that if my sweetie and I are forced to leave she will also lose the fella I take care of at night, who would rather figure out how to move with no money, a truck and a Harley trike, and severe lease-breaking penalties than see me lose access to transportation and himself lose access to my 30 years of providing in-home care to the medically broken.  Sad as it may sound, this is the best my self esteem has been since my second marriage, when the man who made so sure to say he loved me EVERY day for 18 months stopped the moment I needed him to help me instead of his boss (we lived where he worked).

We know the landlady will want to help us, but the problem is it's not her decision.  That belongs to a corporate consortium of total strangers in another time zone, and they might want to keep up the high turnover since the move-out standards are ludicrously high and almost no one ever gets their security deposit back.  We're hoping that maybe the problem tenant downstairs will be allowed to swap units with the one I take care of, which would solve the problem of a dryer vent spewing poison from under my front door AND put all the tenants who get complained about on one side of the building and all the ones who don't on the other!  Another neighbor tried to get the upstairs unit currently over-occupied by child abusers (if you get drunk, scream f-bombs at your toddler after the noise curfew AND THEN smack them around for still crying, YOU ARE A CHILD ABUSER in my book and I don't even like kids) about three tenants ago and was told he'd be charged $800 in move-in costs to swap from the 4-unit building right next to us, so maybe 'reasonable' isn't any of the owners' middle names. 

My chin is up, my fingers are crossed, and I have a growing backlog of medical and mental health professionals quite willing to say that my sweetie and I are NOT the problem here.

Prayers to anyone and assorted well-wishings are hugely appreciated!  After I deal with the landlady, I think it's gonna be time to dig in my rock stock and image archives :D.  My OCD actually loves that kind of thing, which is a great stroke of luck!
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