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December 01, 2023, 12:03:53 am
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Good homes needed, but where to post?

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Author Topic: Good homes needed, but where to post?  (Read 1804 times)
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« on: December 21, 2015, 06:04:31 am »

Debbie, I got no problem talking medical :).  I've been a care provider, both paid and volunteer, for the last 30 years.  My sweetie and 1 of the other tenants in this 4-unit building are both disabled, as I am now myself, and I help both of them with what we used to call Activities of Daily Living--preparing food, getting dressed, the works.

Yep, first attack.  Did as much research as I could between naps and med doses.  I might never have a problem again, but since I've now gotten worse again after my downstairs neighbor did laundry and I had to walk through the allergen plume from her dryer vent, I'm not hopeful that this will be my ONLY attack.  The biggest concern is that allergens are no longer required to start this all over--stress can do it too, and we have a neighbor who likes to get drunk, scream at and hit his kid, and ignore the 10pm-8am noise curfew that is a clearly stated lease clause.  He's been here since March, and we think there are 4 adults, a baby, a half-time custody toddler with a horrible attitude problem, and maybe a couple pets, all in a 650-square-foot 2-bedroom upstairs unit with inferior insulation in the walls and floors.

Last night was massively stressful and I'm even worse than after the dryer plume, but I did find out my love will NOT stay here without now instead of trying to find a new home for one person with minimal furniture, it's the whole household, cats included.  Indoor-ONLY cats who are nearly ten years old, poorly socialized, and have spent just over eight of those years in our current apartment.  There are no units in the 4 complexes I live in the middle of that will keep me away from people doused in the artificial scent products that are my worst allergy.

I feel your pain on polymer clay.  I was a sculptor for 19 years, making tiny animals out of Super Sculpey to set on shells and stones.  Now both of my ring and pinkie fingers are numb most of the time and I cannot hold the sculptures or the tools.  After an X-Ray, 2 MRIs (neck and brain) and an EMG (one of 2 medical tests that makes me cry) it was determined that there is absolutely no reason for this.  That was in 2009 and my fingers are still numb.  For the last couple of years, both hands also been just snapping open at random times, dropping whatever I happen to be doing.

My one worry about the corticosteroid solution is that every woman in my family responds to them the same way after a while...necrotic skin lesions (do NOT Google that if the term is unfamiliar--it means too long on the prednisone and my skin will literally rot off) and boy howdy after seeing my mom's condition this summer I do NOT wanna go there.  Despite the side effects she has to take prednisone for the rest of her life.

I've got about half a dozen calls to make when offices open today, trying to find both medical help and advocacy to either find a place or get the neighbors in line with "your (unladylike word here) is going to kill someone if you don't knock it off NOW."

Meantime, still need to know where to post rocks to go, since I'm not selling them...
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