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Title: I think Iím new but could be Iíve been here before. Either way Hello from PDX.
Post by: StillRockinPdX on July 18, 2022, 09:54:23 pm
Hello. Am in the city of Portland, Oregon. Perhaps others from the area would like to meet up in person to chat about our hobby.  I have some equipment that seems to be in almost ready to use condition and when it is something else seems break or cause yet another shutdown. Sigh. It all works out in the end and the end would arrive sooner were more money present! Any way I know enough to get myself in to the point I realize I needed to know more so Iím always learning something. I donít have a trim saw so that is on my to get list as are new wheels for my Genie and Iíd like some sintered wheels for my HP 8EDCF (the stamp on the cover shows this). Has 2 expando drums and two stone wheels now and the canvas buffing disc on the end sitting atop the factory base/cabinet. Need to setup a new to me Nelson dual belt upright sander. Iíve got other stuff and a couple sanding and or polishing/ buffing units Iíd be willing to trade or sell reasonably. Iím also down to trade rough rock material  for material I donít have if thatís a thing. Probably enough or too much for introduction so mods can feel free to edit within reason.  Iím not savvy enough to know what all those tabs are above the box Iím typing in so Iíll not be using them going forward. Some sites want flair in messages; whatever that is and how to use it escapes me.  I was gonna ask about recommended all thread rpm motor should be for the  feed tray vise. mine is eight at the pulley and I want to slow that down. Bigger pulley ought to do that. Im wanting ten minutes minimum per inch of cut material with 20Ē blade.