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Title: Hi. I'm fairly new to this. But rebuilding machines and making mud.
Post by: Santa Fe Gem Guy on February 02, 2022, 02:26:03 pm

Hi, my name is Rich,  but you can call me Santa Fe, because I live in Santa Fe New Mexico, USA.

In September I took a class in Lapidary at Meltdown Studios in Albuquerque.
I was pretty much coerced into it by my sweetheart Mary.
It changed my life. It suddenly made all the goofy rockhounding I've been doing for years make sense.
I started driving to Albuquerque one or two times a week to use their cabbing machines.
But it's a 100 mile roundtrip, and that gets old.
I also found an old 10-inch Highland Park trim saw in the dumpster behind the studio.
Which I rebuilt and put new bearings in. And repainted.
I've also found some other Highland Park trim and slab saws, as well as a Highland Park A-50 lapidary machine that I've just finished rebuilding.
Can't wait to start making mud in my garage, but the temperature is very cold, so I haven't.
Anyway, i just wanted to introduce myself, and say hello.
Rich, aka Santa Fe Gem Guy