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Title: Frantom slabbing saw carriage won't advance! Seeking help...
Post by: petwudluvr on July 23, 2021, 11:08:34 am
I have an old 14" Frantom slabbing saw I bought used about 11 years ago. It worked great for months, then I got busy with life and stopped lapidary. Getting back into it now, but the carriage will not advance. The clamp in front seems to work. T dunno28he threaded rod is not moving when I turn the motor on. Belt is connected to the arbor in the back, which goes into what looks like a gearbox. Any ideas on the problem, and how to rectify it? (I think I used oil way too thick and it's all gunked up, plus sat for 10 years so I have to clean all that out. Could that somehow cause this help issue?)  help26