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Title: Deer Sky Jasper SALE starts 3-16-2016
Post by: 55fossil on March 16, 2016, 12:21:09 pm
    Well, time to move some rock and make way for new material. I marked down almost every slab and piece of rough on the site. If you see any cabochons or pendants you like just shoot me an offer, as in reasonable, not insulting. This is quality stuff, honest. Visit me at    I gave up the day job and hope to do more mining this year and have more to sell. This is not like Cripple Creek or Succor Creek jasper where there is a million pounds just waiting to be dug out. I mine by hand and there are no huge veins. Mostly junk, lots of #2 material, but the top grade material is incredible.
    I have tumble / cabbing pieces starting at two bucks a pound. Good cabbing material starts at four dollars and goes up. And my return policy is simple. If you do not like what I ship you, just send it back within 14 days of receiving it.
    E-mail me at if you want rough at the discount price. I have not lowered it on the web page for the general public.