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Title: New Highland Park HT12
Post by: bilquest on August 02, 2015, 01:14:26 pm
I was just clicking around the web and visited a favorite haunt ( to lust after the slab saws when I spotted this new item. The HT12 looks strikingly similar to my ancient Lortone LS12, and the price ($895) seems amazing for a new saw.

Say what you want about Lortone, but I love my saw. It's an elegant design, small footprint, dependable, and cheap to maintain. You could call it the VW bug of slab saws. I scrounged my LS12 from Craigslist and brought it home in a basket. After some creative engineering, I got it making slabs for me and it's been a work horse ever since.

Note that I have no connection to HP other than to know of product reputation and quality. If anyone out there is shopping for an entry-level slab saw, I would seriously consider the HP HT12.

Title: Re: New Highland Park HT12
Post by: bobby1 on August 02, 2015, 11:56:18 pm
It looks like they copied the Lortone design and then improved on it. The carriage bearings are much easier to adjust and the thickness of the metal on the carriage looks heavier. I have the LS12 and the LS 14. I've had the LS12 for over 25 years and I got it used and it is still going strong. I've had to replace the carriage assembly twice in all that time. I have always felt that the metal that holds the carriage cross feed rods is far too thin and with just a little wear they easily beat the hole bigger as the rock and carriage starts bouncing up and down a lot. I realize that these saws are a medium duty saw and obviously not in the class of an old HP saw but with just a few upgrades it could be brought up to a higher duty machine. This HT12 looks like those upgrades have been accomplished at a very competitive price.

Title: Re: New Highland Park HT12
Post by: light house jack on August 03, 2015, 05:23:38 am
I saw all of the Highland Park saws at the Franklin, NC show a couple of weekends back and was very impressed that they have not cut corners and have beefed up every design weakness from past saws. I own a 60's  vintage Highland Park 18" saw and the new 18" saw looked improved over mine in many respects.  I would highly recommend their equipment and I know saws as I have had many old HP's and Covingtons.

Title: Re: New Highland Park HT12
Post by: trigon on August 05, 2015, 11:00:05 pm
I've got a new Model 12 and a new Model 16 with the Everclean System. I love them both.