Kentucky Agate

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 love those patterns...the black with the red is the rarest and takes a great polish if you can get a piece without fractures, but most do

At least on ebay. I figure about $10 a pound for rough being an average price. You can get it for less often enough depending on the stone. But I think for most material that's not a bad price. When a slab seems to average starting price at $5-9 each. There is a lot more competition for slabs than there is rough. More people not having slabing saws I guess. So to me $10 bucks a pound is a good price. When I'm used to paying $100-150 a pound for good turquoise. There are always those "fishemen" out there at shows etc. I used to say they were nuts when I saw the prices they were asking. Then it dawned on me. No the people who are paying that price are nuts. He's laughing all the way to the bank. It pays to shop around & not buy from the guys nearest the doors or the first one you see.

i dont know, from my experience with KY agate. The real collectors are very, very proud of the material that has that deep red layer. It is considered the cream of the crop and i have seen it priced similar(and sell) to Fire Obsidian. I believe they refer to the type with the deep red as Imperial KY agate.  And in a collector stand point, There are many, many agates out there at that price or higher, and selling. Would you pay $1500 for a Laguna agate? some people do. I wouldnt, but i am not a collector of fine agate. Just a cutter of medicor ones.

Shain is right about the red and black KY agate, that the rare and expensive color/pattern.  I understand there isn't much of that found.  In addition to my collection chunk, i bought a couple half nodules last year.  My pieces are the really yellow-orange ones with i believe some white fortification patterns.  I really love yellow and orange and lucky for me, its cheaper than the red-black variety.  I was bidding on stuff from one guy who each week seemed to have quite a few of the yellow-orange ones and not too bad a price.  These were mostly fracture free and i could cab them, but i rather like them whole for my collection.



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